The Bridge Retreat

Aug 8th | Oct 8th | Oct 19th
The Lodges at New House Farm, Sussex

The Bridge is the creation of my international colleague’s Donna Lancaster and Gabi Kruger.  For years they have researched the topic of grief and loss and its impact. They believe that unprocessed grief can be the cause of many complaints such as depression, anxiety, low energy, lack of connection with yourself and your environment, insecurity, burnout symptoms and strong feelings of sadness and anger.

The purpose of the Bridge is to create a safe space in those six days to process this 'unfinished business' from the past, so you can truly move forward and feel free to enjoy life in the moment, whilst feeling positive about the future.

With joy and dedication I travel every two months to England to facilitate a Bridge retreat together with Gabi and Donna.

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After Bridge intensive:

For people who’ve done the Bridge, I offer the possibility to do a Bridge intensive.This is a 4 hour session where we go through different aspects of the Bridge, to evaluate the impact it has had in your life, and to continue the work where needed.

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Palm Retreat

19 June
5 PM
Amstel 87 sous 1018 EG Amsterdam

The palm retreat was founded several years ago after unearthing a deeper desire to go on adventures with others. The idea was simple: discover together ways in which to live a life full of light and feel fully energised.

For six days, we invite you to travel with us to a magical place where you will begin your journey by focusing awareness to the inside, in order to experience a deep relaxation. The retreat is focussed on the ART of relaxation and on how to build a strong resilience so that you can embrace modern life, filled with joy and energy.Throughout the retreat we will of course leave you enough space for some adventure and fun!

The program consists of several different experiences and classes: Yoga, meditation, visualisation, breath work, massage, energetic healing sessions, healing rituals and embracing the power of nature.In addition to this we aim to inspire you with TED talks, film clips, short work sessions as well as a practical workbook in which you can create your own PALM guide. The guide can be used as a tool to support yourself after your return home, with how to remain in the best possible condition and alignment with body, mind and soul.

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