My name is Frederique Bicker and I’ve been working in the therapeutical world for over 20 years. Modern life requires an adapted and integrated approach when it comes to healing, growth and change. To reflect this, I continuously strive to blow a fresh wind through psychology and the way I work.

After I finished my Masters in (clinical) psychology at the University of Amsterdam, I continued my career at the Priory Roehampton Hospital in London, where I gained considerable experience in the areas of anxiety, depression, addictions, eating disorders, burn out and trauma treatment.

In the following years, I travelled extensively and studied different forms of healing and therapy. This informed a beautiful blend of East and West in my therapeutical approach. Nowadays I feel the freedom to use all these different techniques authentically, in order to put a personal process into motion for my clients.

My passion and talent is to see ‘the bigger picture’ - to explore and understand the deeper root of the blockage. Often people share a recent story that they are dealing with in life. I usually try to move beyond that story and explore together why this has affected them; what patterns, pain and core beliefs are hidden beneath the surface? I believe that understanding is where the journey starts, then it’s key to connect with the emotional system and feel the impact of it. Finally, we must integrate the body into this process, so the whole system is aligned in the ‘aimed reset’ – an individual and personal state of being, where we have found the change needed to progress in life.

I’ve been running my own psychology and coaching practice in Amsterdam for 17 years now. I also work as a Bridge facilitator in England.

It’s fascinating to listen to what is NOT said in a session, but to feel and perceive what’s happening in the space we work in. From that place you step into a surprising field of information and insights. For me, this is where the magic of therapy takes place!

Frederique Bicker, psychologist