"Het moderne leven vraagt om een holistische aanpak als het gaat om heling, verandering en groei. Het begrijpen is wat mij betreft waar de reis begint, daarna is het mooi om de emoties te doorvoelen en het lichaam mee te nemen in het proces, zodat het hele systeem mee kan in de reset. Deze geïntegreerde aanpak biedt een stevig fundament voor efficiënte lange termijn verandering!"

– Frederique Bicker, psycholoog

Persoonlijke support voor individuen en koppels

In de hectiek van de dag heeft het ‘gehaaste’  wekelijkse uurtje therapie plaats gemaakt voor de zogenaamde ‘intensives’ in mijn praktijk. Deze langere sessies van 2 tot 4 uur bieden mogelijkheden om met behulp van verschillende technieken op een dieper niveau te werken.

Wednesday 7th July — 10:30am - 12:30pm (Amsterdam Time)

Webinar, Fundamental change – Why it’s so tough and how to unlock it

In this 2 hour webinar I will explain why it's so hard to break (dysfunctional) patterns, and I will give you a clear guideline where to begin if you're ready for change.

Are you the one that has been trying to get rid of certain patterns? Do you want to feel more secure? Change your attitude at work? Be more boundaried in your relationships? Or overcome an addiction, an eating disorder, control issues, anxiety or negative thoughts?

Then this webinar might be something for you.

In my practice I work with people every day who struggle to break the habit and to gain fundamental change. That triggered me to study why we constantly relapse, and what we need to do as humans to rewire.

I will explain why it's so tough to change and then I will show you how to unlock the flow of transition in 3 steps:

1. You need to Understand the bigger picture of why you have developed the pattern (often as a surviving mechanism). It will help you to gain clarity, and to work from the root of the problem. It often reveals your personal block for change, which will help you in creating your practice in step 3.

2. Motivation and Focus are important if we really want something to happen. Why do you want to change and what will your life look like without the 'pattern'? This step will contain a visualisation and will give you personal insights on your focus area.

3. In the last step I will teach you how to create a simple but profound practice that will help you to consistently DO things different, and therefore change your life for the better.

Sign up and give it a go!

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monday 24th may — 7pm - 9pm (Amsterdam Time)

Energy Awareness class

First of all I'm delighted to announce that the ENERGY AWARENESS class will be facilitated LIVE in Amsterdam on Sunday July the 11th at 10AM - 12PM (noon)

Location: De Ruimte Amsterdam at the Weesperzijde.

After this long and difficult year this Energy Awareness Class is a special one.  

It will be about how to support each other in recovery after the pandemic. If you buy a ticket, we would love you to bring someone for free, who could use some extra energy, healing or support.
Let’s reconnect together, let’s meditate, breathe and move the body.

Hopefully we'll see each other live on Sunday the 11th of July and let’s bring the energy UP

Ticket price: €32,50

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'My husband is a Narcissist'
'My wife has Borderline'
- a plea for careful labeling

24 June 2019

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